How To Choose: Outdoor Backpack

Choosing a bag sounds like a pretty simple task: make sure all your stuff will fit. If only  everything in life were so simple.  If you don’t go hiking or camping regularly it’s easy to grab a bag that isn’t optimal for your needs.  With this in mind, there are a couple of points that one should consider before buying a new bag: how much gear you havehow long your trip is, and the size of the bag.

How much is too much?

If you’re going to voluntarily give up the comfort of your home for multiple days it’s easy to over pack.  Consider what you’ll need and how much space that will take up.  Newer camping gear uses the latest technology to be smaller so that might be another purchase to go with the new bag. If you plan on taking lots of awkwardly shaped or size things consider a backpack with a sturdy frame to help secure your load.  It’s important to consider the gear first because if you pick up a bag that doesn’t fit your equipment you’ll hurt yourself or your bag.

How long is too long?

Obviously the longer your trip the more things you’ll need or want to prepare for any eventuality.  If you plan accordingly and do your research you might not need the second pair of boots or the extra change of clothes.  That said, it never hurt to be prepared so the longer you plan to be gone, the bigger the bag will probably need to be to accommodate your extra gadgets.

How big is too big?

If you’re only going to be travelling for a day or two a smaller bag should fit everything you need and sit comfortably on your back, a 10 – 40 litre bag would probably do the trick.  If you’re travelling for longer, you’ll need more things, and a 50 – 90 litre bag, but it’s important not to over do it.  A good bag is like a good shirt and should fit nicely, not be sagging here or pulling there.  Always follow the adjustment steps on each individual bag properly to ensure there are no injuries.

Now that you know what you should be planning for, why not consider an outdoor backpack from Decathlon?

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