How To Choose: Your Tent

Depending on what outdoors activity you plan to do, you’ll have slightly different needs out of your tent.  Camping you’d be looking for a comfortable space where it would be easy to pitch.  Hikers would want one that is lightweight and compact.  Mountaineering tents need to be as weatherproof as possible.   Decathlon offer a large range of tents to try and best fit your expectations, including family tents, 2-3 person tents, hiking tents and shelters.

Family tents


Family tents are ideal for the entire family to camp in for several days. Our best family tents are perfect whether you are going on holidays abroad or just camping a few miles away from home. Our huge range include tents packing either one or several rooms, with some styles even presenting a separate living area where you can stand up straight with a makeshift roof above your head.

If you’re looking at a family trip, or one with plenty of friends, you’ll want to get a family tent. For maximising comfort and the number of people you can fit, you should look at getting a tent that fits two more people than you’re planning.  If you’re a family of 4, go for a tent that fits at least 6 people so you can keep all your gear inside.

These can be found in the 5-8 person tent category.

One example of an easy to use family tent is the Air Seconds Family Camping Tent. It features inflatable supports which means less fiddling and set up time and more time for exploring! We offer the same features in smaller tents too, which brings us too…

2-3 Person Tents


Smaller tents tend to be easier to pitch and fold. We can offer tents that make this process even easier with our range of Pop Up tents. These pop up tents are designed so that it is easy for you to move around whenever you want. Our latest innovation, pictured above, is the Fresh & Black model; designed to keep cool and dark to help you snooze.

Our 2-3 person tents are great if you like being able to relocate frequently on your camping trips, or if you just want to go experience nature with someone close to you. These are much smaller than the family tents, but for that you gain increased mobility, faster set ups, and a lower price tag. These can be found in the 2-3 person tent category.

Hiking tents


Hiking or backpacking tents are light, compact and simple to carry around. The best backpacking tent will come in a setup that makes it easy to carry while you are hiking or travelling. Check out our extensive backpacking tent collection and you will also see the products offer maximum weather resistance against all elements. These ones can be fiddly to set up and take down, but it’s more than made up for with their tiny transport size, ideal for purpose. These ones are available in our hiking tents category.



Shelters catch the eye as they take very little effort to pitch and fold. The best shelters on the market will offer you with maximum protection against all kinds of weather, from light rain showers to the rays of a blazing sun. These are great to extend the space of your tent or to keep the sun off you when relaxing outside of one. Naturally, these are found in the shelters section.

Now that you’ve got a better idea what to look out for and what each type offers, why not consider picking up a new tent from Decathlon today.

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