Ever since we arrived in Australia, everyday has been an eye opener. We are surrounded by Sport in all its forms and we’ve never felt more at home. The weather, the people, and the passion for sport give Australia its well earned reputation: the sportiest nation in the world.

The evidence is everywhere we look! Little children fearlessly run into the smashing waves at the beach while hesitant tourists look on. Hundreds of surfers gather religiously everyday to ride the waves. Under the powerful sun between 12-3pm everyday, at least 100,000 (conservative!) pushups are collectively performed on the beaches of Australia. There is a gym around every corner and an oval in every suburb. People love cycling to work everyday.  It is truly remarkable and we are thrilled to be here!

Outside our office window, there’s no lack of people engaging in Sport. When we think we’re working hard, someone out there is working harder! From beginners to experts,  everyone is at it. All day long. True Story: There is even a boxing class in our basement!

At Decathlon, we believe that the Pleasure and Benefit of Sport contributes to a better life and happiness for everyone.

Our mission – ‘Making Sports Accessible to all’ – is powerfully connected to the wonderful spirit and Sporting culture of Australia.

Our ability to conceive, design, create, manufacture and retail our products directly to our customers means we are responsible for their satisfaction and the way they experience Sport. We do our best to ensure our customers are ‘Satisfied or Satisfied’.

It has been a warm welcome so far. Our website, decathlon.com.au is now online and based in Australia. This allows us to ship faster to customers and in time will allow us to optimise our product range and offer the people of Australia relevant products from our passion brands.

Our product range has grown to cover 70+ sports and 15,000 items across the world for all levels of Sport users, from beginners to intensive.

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Decathlon passion brand products made their way here much before we did! These images shared with us on our community page inspire us.

As we take baby steps into Australia, with what we’re calling our ‘beta’ range: 35 sports and 5,000 products, we invite you to visit our website, try our products and interact with us so we can slowly, in time, increase our product range and satisfy (or satisfy!) the people of Australia.

At your service,

Team Decathlon Australia.

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2 thoughts on “#helloAustralia!

  1. Hi Team Decathalon Australia!
    Very exciting and cant wait !

    I head up partnerships for a major Football club here in Australia (Soccer).
    How can we get in touch with someone about partnership?
    Cheers, Justin


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