The Innovation at Decathlon

1- The Idea:

The user is always the focus of our approach.  We watch, we play, we listen. Our vendors, product managers, designers, engineers are all involved in imagining tomorrow’s products.  We aim to facilitate practicality, comfort, safety and pleasure.  With our customers reviews and feedback we continue to improve our existing products and innovate for the future.  

2- The Conception:

Decathlon has it’s own research centre. We drive the industry forward with our brand and design teams every day to meet the needs of all athletes from beginners to the most advanced. Listening to customers, analysing the body in motion, looking for that perfect component, every step of the way.

3- The Creation:

Our innovations division is organised around different industrial processes: choosing components and product assembly are key steps which let us build one product that’s relevant and sustainable. At our campus in Villeneuve d’asch in the north of France, over 3,000 prototypes are made each year.  Our prototype workshops let teams observe and test components and “finished” products in real situations.  It is through this process that Decathlon and it’s brands provide technical products for everyone.

You can view some of our innovative products here!

Winners of the 2015 Decathlon innovation awards:

Change your drink, without changing the bottle!
Freshness and obscurity while camping become a reality!
Swim loud and clear!
Review the full event:


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