A Little About Our Brands

Today you can access our new website: decathlon.com.au. We know that some of you were looking forward to this day and to you we’re very thankful for your exceptionally warm welcome. For those of you who are a little less familiar we’ve been receiving some questions and thought we’d answer one of the biggest ones:

“What brands do you have?”

As you will have have noticed when checking out our website we don’t sell many of the big brands. We stock brands like Domyos and Quechua, Inesis and Kalenji. You don’t need to have heard of them before, maybe they sound a bit weird, but they’re a core part of Decathlon and our operations. They’re what we call our Passion Brands.

The people on these Passion Brand teams are people who love sport, live and breath it. Let’s work with an example like Quechua. Quechua products are all about the outdoors, sports like camping and hiking. And the people who work on and develop Quechua products are passionate and experienced campers and hikers. It’s pretty easy to see how we came up with “Passion Brands”.


Passion Brands don’t just want to copy the competition though, we’ve got to innovate and come up with something new and exciting. Can we make it easier for people to try out or enjoy this sport? You bet we can! Quechua does camping gear, and one of the biggest struggles with camping was always setting up the tent. That’s why in 2005 Quechua developed their innovated pop up technology.

Today you can find that technology working wonders in the Quechua 2 Second Easy Tent. Literally pops up in 2 seconds. That’s incredible! People who have been camping and struggled with seemingly mismatched poles will understand. These tents are designed to make life easier for everyone. This is a great tent for your first foray and also a solid choice for more experienced campers looking for a new model. That’s what our Passion Brands deliver, value products for everyone.


Another great example is the Tribord EasyBreath Surface Snorkelling Mask. There are plenty of people out there who would love to be able to explore places like the barrier reef but snorkels are a huge obstacle. Snorkels can stick in your mouth and if you lower your head to much water comes in. That’s not a problem with the EasyBreath. Since nothing has to go in your mouth there’ll be less gagging and more taking in the sights with a lens designed to not fog up and allow a full field of view.

By controlling the conception, manufacturing and distribution of our passion brands it means we can better manage the price. You don’t have to foot the bill for each step of the way, you want a tent, you buy a tent. You don’t have to pay for another company to research, and another to test it, and another to build it with each step looking to make a profit. With all of our process under one roof there’s one price to cover it all.

This is a quick explanation of what our passion brands are. We wanted to open and show you what Decathlon is about, making sport accessible to all. Sometimes you’ve got to innovate to do that, and the best people for that job are the ones who practice and understand the struggles that keep occurring until something like the EasyBreath or the Pop Up tent are made.

If you’re curious and want to check out some of our passion brand products come on over to Decathlon.com.au and have a look for yourself.  You can find the EasyBreath in our snorkelling section and the Pop up tent in our camping tents section.

Passion Brand Sport Covered
Domyos Fitness, Dance, Gymnastics and Combat Sports
B’Twin Bicycle
Kipsta Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Field Hockey, Cricket, American Football, Baseball
Tribord Snorkelling, Scuba,Surfing, Windsurfing
Nabaji Swimming
Quechua Camping and Hiking
Simond Climbing and  Mountaineering
Kalenji Running
Newfeel Walking
Wed’ze Skiing and Snowboarding
Artengo Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and other racquet sports.
Inesis Golf
Caperlan Fishing
Solognac Nature and Hunting
Fouganza Horse Riding
Geologic Darts, Archery, Bowls, Billiards
Oxelo Skateboarding, ScooteringSkating
Aptonia Sports Nutrition and Health, Protective Gear
Orao Sports Optics and Glasses
Geonaute Electronics: Tracking, Cameras and Sound, Lighting.


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