How To Choose: Boating Gloves

While often forgotten or not considered by beginning sailors, a good pair of gloves will make sailing much more enjoyable.  Whether it be for yacht or dinghy sailing, gloves or fingerless gloves protect your hands from friction burns, as well as from the cold and humidity. In warmer weather you might prefer to have fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves will give you a better touch and dexterity, making opening shackles and knotting ropes substantially easier. In colder weather you’d do well to choose neoprene gloves.  They’ll trap your body heat easier and protect your fingertips from the outside.  The downside is it makes it harder to move your fingers so well, but it means there will be less water on the inside too.

The most important thing to consider though is what kind of sailing you’re doing.  If you’re going out in bad weather you’re going to want to be prepared.  If you’re going out for a day on the water with your kids then you won’t need the very highest rated gear.  

htc gloves.jpg

Here’s a couple of points to consider when choosing your gloves.

Fingerless gloves: Recommended for all kinds of practice in warmer weather conditions.

  • Thermal Protection: Low.
  • Friction Protection: High.
  • Comfort: High.

Two finger gloves: Recommended for seafaring in cold weather conditions.

  • Thermal Protection: Medium.
  • Friction Protection: Medium.
  • Comfort: Medium.

Neoprene gloves: Recommended for cold weather.

  • Thermal Protection: High.
  • Friction Protection: Medium.
  • Comfort: Low.

With these points you should be able to identify the style of glove you might need for you next boating adventure, and at Decathlon we have sailing gloves for men and women!

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