How To Choose: Boating Shoes

On the bridge, adhesion is essential: it depends on the material, the flexibility and the shape of the sole. A boating shoe has to give you protection, comfort and support. Choose your sailing shoes with consideration of your habits and what you want to wear them for.

Desired Features


The sole of the shoe will have to be skidproof. Rubber will give you a better grip and ridges will help evacuate the water as you step. The more flexible the sole, the more adhesion you will get.

Protection / Support

A shoe tongue, a heel support, a complete sole and integral lacing will improve the foot’s support. Reinforcements of specific parts of the shoe will give it more solidity.


A padded shoe tongue, an EVA sole (for better shock absorption) will give you more comfort. The shoe has to evacuate the water as quickly as possible, some products have holes made just for this purpose, to let the water drain faster.

htc shoes mid.jpg


The EASYDRY label will assure you of the efficiency of the evacuation capacity of the sole.

For an occasional sailor:

  • Waterproofing
  • Grip
  • Support
  • Protection

For a regular to an intensive sailor:

  • Waterproofing
  • Grip
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Flexibility
  • Breathability

Now that you know better what to look for, why not check out the options available from Our boating range includes shoes for men, women and children.

Tips For Maintaining Your Sailing Shoes

Before using any product on your sailing shoes, such as a waterproofing spray, you will need to clean, brush and dry them.

htc shoes low.png

For nubuck leather (that softer fluffier style):

  • Nubuck brush to lift the fibres;
  • Rough brush to remove dust and deep marks;
  • Colour sprays to revive the colour;
  • Waterproofing sprays to protect from water marks.

Full-grain leather (the shiny smooth style):

  • Clean your shoes using a damp sponge or rinse them in clean water if they have been exposed to salt water;
  • Leave them to dry away from any heat source;
  • After each polish, leave the shoes to dry for 15 minutes then brush off any surplus polish to prevent a crust forming.


Maintaining your shoes in a good state is essential to extend your shoes life expectancy. Don’t use any creams or oils on waterproof shoes, instead use a waterproof spray.

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