How To Choose: Modern Dance Outfit

Just like classical dance, modern and jazz dance requires the right equipment. This is vital for the dancer’s comfort while dancing.  With respect to clothing, dancers require comfort most of all, although fashion also plays its part. The dancer also should select shoes according to his or her level and desired use.


Lower body

Black cotton trousers, fitted at the waist and loose at the legs, are a must-have for the dancer. Harem trousers or baggy shorts are also recommended.

Upper body

Dancers often like layers. There are several possible combinations. A strapped top underneath with a loose tee-shirt on top, leaving one shoulder uncovered. A long, tight tee with a wrap-over top on top, allowing the tee-shirt to be seen.

Although there are fewer rules regarding clothing for modern dance than for classical ballet, your choice will also depend on your dance school and on your teacher, who may have specific requirements.

Aesthetic appearance is important to dancers, but freedom and visibility of movement are essential, so be careful not to wear clothing that is too loose.

jazz dance



The dancer’s foot, and grip the floor well. Leather shoes allow the foot to breathe as it works, and provide flexibility for the point position.


For more experienced dancers, heels are recommended, giving better support and cushioning for the foot during jumps or large movements. A split sole is recommended for maximum instep extension. In addition, leather is still recommended, to allow the foot to breathe as it works.


Protective items are often worn by dancers to minimise injury. In particular, knee-pads can prevent knocks and injuries to the knee while on the floor. Protective insoles also exist, to protect the sole of the foot during rolls and to minimise slipping.

Decathlon has a range of dance clothes that would be suitable for modern and jazz dance. We also have a range of shoes for your consideration. If you want a new outfit for your dance sessions we can help there too.

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