How To Choose: Demi-Pointes

Demi-pointes are dance shoes with a soft sole. They can be leather or canvas, and are indispensable for a classical dance. Beginner dancers wear these shoes at all times, while advanced dancers wear them for warming up before putting on their pointe shoes. The demi-pointe sole can be in a single piece or in two parts (split sole).

We discourage overweight people from dancing on pointe in order to avoid foot or knee problems and injuries. Once your frame and musculature are strong enough, you will be able to buy pointe shoes. The right-sized demi-pointe allows the foot full freedom of movement in both the pointed and flexed positions. The shoe should fit the front of the foot like a glove, allowing the toes space to be well distributed. We recommend you wear your usual shoe-size, assuming your shoes fit well and are not too big. The choice of demi-pointe will depend on your level.


Single sole leather demi-pointes are recommended for beginner dancers of all ages. The 100%-leather sole is perfect for strengthening the arches or working the instep. The single sole allows for better balance. The leather ensures good ankle support and prevents the shoe from losing its shape.

demi pointe.jpg


Split sole canvas demi-pointes are a better option for  dancers who have a good mastery of classical dance and who already have strength in the ankle. The shoe with a split sole in canvas guarantees maximum instep extension while giving good support.


Split sole leather demi-pointes are for dancers who have a good mastery of classical dance and who already have strength in the ankle. The leather split-sole demi-pointe combines high-quality leather with a neoprene triangle, providing both support and great flexibility of movement.

Know that you know what level each type of demi-pointes are appropriate for you’ll have no problems choosing the right one for you from the range at Decathlon.

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