How To Choose: Dance Outfit

When you’re dancing it’s always important to look the part, especially if you’re part of a troupe.  Here we’ve got some general advice on what you should be looking for depending on whether you’re in a dancing/training environment or an actual performance.


Lessons begin with a warm-up at the bar, gradually developing according to the dancer’s level. For this, we recommend additional clothing to keep the muscles warm (wrap-over top, leg-warmers). Because your teacher will need to see the movements of the body to correct them, we recommend a leotard for greater freedom of movement. Some leotards feature a short skirt; your teacher will tell you if this is required.

The ideal classical dance outfit for a beginner consists of a leotard, wrap over top and leg warmers, tights and shoes. The leotard should have or not have a skirt, as the school/teacher requires.

dance clothes ballet.jpg


For all the little girls who dream of being like princesses, what better than to dress up as one for a performance? Ballets from the great classical repertoire, such as Swan Lake, will require a classical tutu. Some specific performances will require more specific clothes but we can’t know what those will be.

Everything mentioned here should be available in Decathlon’s ballet clothing section. If you’re dancing to a more modern style we have a modern dance clothing section for that too!

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