How To Choose: Diving Fins

There are many different styles and designs for diving fins, so the one you will prefer will depend on what use you’re looking for.  

Scuba Diving

If you regularly scuba dive you’ll be looking for fins that cover your foot.  Fins can cover your whole foot or can allow you to use neoprene socks. In this style you’ll be able to keep your feet warmer while still swimming efficiently. They should also be adjustable to making putting them on and taking them off much easier, depending on the frequency of your dives. If you dive less frequently you might not think you need the top level of ease. Some flippers are one single piece making them quite sturdy but also much more difficult to wear. Finally they need to be practical, a reasonable size and flex, so that you can walk around on the boat and move to an area you can change without injuring yourself or those around you.

fins 01.jpg

Foot Comfort

The boot of your fins main goal is to hold to your foot without restraining and restricting your natural movement. A full-foot fin will be lighter overall and will generally be more comfortable if it’s the right size, the tradeoff is that it will be harder to put on/take off. If you’re in a store the best way to try full-foot fins is to stand in them. They should be snug without rubbing or pulling on your heel. When trying on adjustable fins you will need to wear neoprene socks to match the real environment.  Your heel should not stick out more than 5cm from the end of the fin. If you intend to use neoprene socks but haven’t brought them for trying, in general pick fins one size larger.


When you’re swimming you don’t want to kick more than you need to. More flexible fins will demand less of your legs and are ideal for occasional use. More rigid fins will propel you further through the water but will require more physical effort. Longer fins perform similarly and are better for long swims but require a larger finning range.


Now that you know better what to look out for, why not have a quick look at the range of diving gear from Decathlon? We also offer fins in our snorkelling section! If you’re not sold on the idea of just one piece of gear you could try out full sets, including a mask, flippers and a snorkel.

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