How To Choose: Diving Mask

There are many different options when it comes to diving and snorkelling masks. Some bigger, some smaller, some with anti-fog features and many more. If you want to observe and enjoy the sea life, you will need a mask with a wide field of vision.


When looking to appreciate the wildlife and the view you’ll want a single lens mask. Single lens masks often provide a wider field of vision as parts of the view aren’t being obscured or hidden behind parts of the mask. The Easybreath mask provides a great field of view and allows for greater comfort when breathing.

fins 02


The comfort and the ergonomy of a mask rest on the skirt, the part that touches your skin. This is why Decathlon’s masks have 100% silicone skirts as they’re softer and more moldable. Most goggles come with a silicon strap that functions fine but can cause problems for people with long hair getting tangled on it and people who don’t like the feeling. Consider using a neoprene strap if you have long hair or for children to hold the mask in place.


In general you want a mask to have as small a volume as possible. This will aid in keeping it fog free. Two-lens masks will have a smaller interior volume than single lens masks simply because of their two lenses being separate. Smaller volume options are also less likely to be knocked from your face in any tight spaces or by close swimming fish. There’s nothing wrong with getting a larger volume mask as some prefer having some space between their face and the lens, it will just be slightly more difficult to clear the mask during use.

If you’re able to get your hands on a mask to test, this should help you find the right size.


  1. Place the mask up against your face in a comfortable position.
  2. Breathe in through your nose to seal the mask in place.
  3. Hold your breathe for a second or two and take your hands away.
  4. If the mask stays attached and isn’t noticeably slipping this one is the right size.

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