How To Choose: Skipping Rope

Regardless of the practice you had as a kid, a skipping rope is a great fitness tool to keep you in shape and a cheap tool for efficient cardio training. Fifteen minutes of fast skipping is the equivalent of thirty minutes of jogging, making it an efficient activity to burn fat, lose weight and avoid cellulite. Skipping can also help to improve endurance when done regularly.

Which skipping rope?

If you’re out of practice or looking to get started one of the best materials to look for will be a nylon skipping rope.  If you misstep or are cursed to be uncoordinated the contact you make with your rope will be less painful.  


If you’ve been at this for a while or want to dive in you can pick up a leather skipping rope.  It will be tougher and more punishing but will also last a lot longer. You could even choose a weighted skipping rope, which will improve your arms and shoulder muscles through the extra effort needed to swing it. The weight is typically a heavier handle not rope though thicker ropes do exist.

Adjusting your skipping rope

To jump well, you must have adjusted your rope properly. Put a foot on the middle of your skipping rope and raise your wrists to your upper body.

For entry level skipping you’ll want your wrists to be just underneath your shoulder height.  This length is more forgiving of mistakes gives you more time in between each step.

Advanced skippers should have their wrists closer to their rib height for a more challenging experience requiring quicker movements and reactions. With practice this shorter length won’t result in tripping or getting caught on the rope.


Bonus tips

If possible you’ll want to wear good fitness shoes to cushion the impact of your feet on the floor. This will be better for your ankles and your knees in the long term (see our range of fitness shoes).

This sport is accessible to all. However, if you have back or joint problems, or if you had a surgery on your legs or a herniated disc, this sport is not advisable. There are lots of jostling movements and hard impacts which can aggravate certain conditions.

Don’t forget to check out range of skipping ropes available at Decathlon, as well as a whole heap of other fitness gear.

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