How To Choose: Stepper or Step

These machines simulate climbing stairs making for an intense workout. The lower body will be working the most, especially your buttocks and thighs. This style of training will increase your blood flow and help your lymphatic system.


If you want to train harder try to keep your feet flat on the steps.  This will make your muscles have to work and strain a little extra.

Characteristics of Stepper Machines

The stepper simulates the climbing of actual steps. The models you can find from Decathlon are designed with hydraulic pistons for comfort and fluidity. The speed at which you step will determine the level of use, which can be modified on the machine.

Two settings are available:

  • On the piston: you can adjust the hydraulic pressure for more or less resistance
  • Mechanically: the user changes the piston position by screwing or unscrewing a knob. Depending on the position each step taken can be much easier or much more difficult.


Characteristics of Steppers

The step is a fun activity that will attract anybody who wants to lose weight to music. The step is a simulation of climbing actual steps, but can also be practiced in time to rhythm music with choreographies where steps are quickly executed.

The step helps to refine the figure, burn calories, move, tone the body, master breathing and improve posture. Each session undertaken is working on the thighs and calves, thanks to knee bending and impulse exercises. There are different levels of practice, with different types of choreographies, music rhythms and step positions. The more difficult the level, the more impacts on the floor there are (steps taken), and the body will build up muscle more quickly.

For more intense workouts you will need good fitness shoes to cushion the impact of each step and protect your ankles. See our range of fitness and running shoes.

If your goal is to refine your lower body, choose a low step. On the other hand, if you wish to gain on muscles, use a high step. See our range of steps.

You can use a step at home with a video trainer or if you’re not 100% sure of yourself you could go to step classes, with a coach and a lively music.

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