Why Use A Scooter

Every day there are people driving to work, catching the bus or the train. Some people are lucky enough that they can roll out of bed and work from home. Many people however will find themselves walking some part of their daily commute, sometimes as much as half an hour or more! When you’ve got a long way to go and are sick of or unable to get public transport a scooter is a great alternative. Here’s a list of the best reasons to pick up a scooter.

1. Save Time

One of the immediate differences between walking and scooting is that scooting will be faster. If your walk would take fifteen minutes at a casual pace, on a scooter you can get there in seven. If you’ve got an hour long walk you’ll be able to cross the finish line in half an hour. You’re not going to be breaking any records but now you’ll have time for breakfast or, more importantly, coffee.


2. Comfort

A scooter will also tend to be a smoother ride. Small cracks and bumps can be ignored as you glide over but you’ll want to watch out for steps or gutters. The kicking motion is similar to a running movement but without the hard impact of each step. With a smoother movement you can propel yourself without the harsh pressure on your joints that would normally come with moving at this speed.

3. Storage

Now this might all sound like fun but the practical minded will be thinking to themselves where can I put the scooter? When you think about the cost of parking, or finding a bike stand, you realise scooters are much easier. With collapsible models you’ll be able to fit other people in the lift, in contrast to just yourself and your bike.

4. Safety

Save yourself the embarrassment of tucking your pants into your socks. Another perk that scooters have over bikes is that there’s no chains or greased up parts running past your clothes. People who ride their bike to work sometimes get stuck in the gears. This could damage the bike, the clothes and the rider. If the gears become jammed the bike will stop but that doesn’t mean you will. Scooter wheels are a safe distance from the rider and there’s no gears that will snag clothes.


5. Price

Scooters also tend to be cheaper than bikes. There are less moving parts in a scooter than on a bike and they’re smaller too. These differences lead to lower costs. Less parts also means less maintenance. Scooters require less repairs than bikes. The most common repair done to scooters is replacing wheels, just as you would with bike tires.

6. Flexibility

One of the best parts of riding a scooter is that it’s easy to justify using it for both short and long distances.  If you’re just ducking up to the shops you can do a quick ride. If you’re going to your friends house more than five kilometres away you can scoot over almost as fast or faster than driving depending on the traffic. And since it’ll fit anywhere or you can reasonable carry it you wont have to worry about finding a spot to lock it up once you arrive.

With lower costs, less maintenance, and time saving power, scooters are an underused superpower. Whether you’re a regular scooter rider, or this post has convinced you to give it a go, we have a range of scooters available.

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