How To Choose: Weights

To build your muscles, it is really important to choose the right equipment. Dumbbells and weight plates can be part of a core set up focusing on building muscle mass.

Weight Plates


Your plates will always be made of cast iron. Cast iron is a really heavy, dense material which makes it possible to train with heavy weights which don’t take much room. However, there is several families of weight plates: the 100% cast iron or with rubber.

Cast iron plates made of cast iron only, simple enough. Rubber plates are mainly made of cast iron but are covered with a layer of rubber to protect the plate and the floor.


There is a large variety of plate options, from 1 to 20 kg. Choose your plates in regards to your personal limits. Decathlon advises you to get two lighter plates instead of a single heavier one for greater customisation. Indeed, two plates of 5kg will be better than one plate of 10 kg. The weight for your exercises is more adjustable.


Size of the diameter

What we are calling “size of the diameter” is the size of the hole at the centre of the plate. Its size is measured in millimeters. There are two types of plates, each type is associated with the size of a bar that would match: 28 mm or 50 mm. Usually, you will need 28 mm plates, but if you are working with a large bar, you will need 50 mm plates.

Weight Bar

For safety reasons, Decathlon encourages you to use a weights bench.

The different bars

There are two types of bars: 28mm and 50mm. The 50 mm bar is more comfortable, flexible and less resistant than the classic bar of 28 mm. The plates’ sizes of diameter have to match the bar’s size. Using a bar is for more intense training.

The different weights and sizes

Here, we are speaking about classic bars, 28mm, except for the last column. Classic bars have different lengths and weights. The following table will help you choose the best bar for you.

Bar’s Length 0.35 m (dumbbell) 1m20 1m55 1m75 2 m DIAMETER: 50 mm
Bar’s Weight 2 kg 6.4 kg 8.4 kg 9.5 kg 10 kg 20 kg
Maximum Weight 60 kg 160 kg 160 kg 160 kg 160 kg 200 kg


If you are buying bodybuilding equipment for the first time or if you want to renew your actual equipment, there are bodybuilding kits. Depending on the kit you might have:

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  1. I agree, fitness equipment is very important to make your workout more efficient. However I think you need to combine with proper diet and supplements. That will definitely help improve your fitness level significantly


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