How To Choose: Weights Bench

Weights benches will help you sculpt your body and your body muscle mass lifting up bars you can manually arrange by adding cast iron plates. This way you will follow a complete muscular training.

Areas Worked


To choose your bench, keep in mind the frequency of your training sessions and the different areas you want to work on:

  • If you want to work only on your pectoral muscles, a weights bench with a bar catcher will be advised.
  • If you want to work on your pectorals, your arms and your legs, a bench with a bar catcher, a biceps extension or curl and a leg extension will be the best for you.
  • Finally, if you want to work on all your muscles, you will have to choose a bench with a back extension to be able to practice a complete bodybuilding activity.

Weights Bench Benefits

The benefits of a weights bench are making it a masterpiece for many bodybuilding adepts. With the variety of exercises available you can work on all your body parts. This flexibility means you can adapt the material to match your training habits.

With the different options available you can use several settings to make your bench perfect for you. These settings allow you to improve your strength and increase your build muscles mass with greater ease. The relative compactness of the bench means you can even practice bodybuilding as a complementary activity to another sport.


Technical Characteristics

To choose your weights bench, you have to think about your goals in practicing (muscular strengthening, building muscle mass…) but you also have to consider the type of machine that will lead you to your objectives the fastest way. Mind the size of the bars and the weight plates when you are planning a training session.

You also have to think about the space your weights bench will take. It has to be completely free of obstacles when you are practicing. The size of the bench has to be included in your criteria when you are looking to purchase a weights bench. If you need you can always go for a fold away bench, as long as you’re willing to open it and pack it multiple times.

It is better to check the maximum weight the bench can handle: you have to consider your own weight plus the muscle mass you plan on gaining. For more comfort, the seat has to be large and stuffed.

Bench Composition


Which tools for which use?


You’re a beginner and you are practicing bodybuilding for less than 3 hours a week? You will prefer a bench to work on your pectorals and your arms.


If you are practicing bodybuilding for about 5 hours a week, you will prefer a bench that will offer you a greater panel of exercises. You can work pectorals, your arms and your legs.


If you are practicing more than 5 hours a week, you will prefer benches that will offer you several settings for a larger panel of exercises. The back of the seat will have to be adjustable to change the level of difficulty of several exercises. The maximum weight is an important factor for a repeated activity, many benches go up to 250 kilos. The stability and the robustness of the bench are important factors as well when the bench is used intensively.


Bonus Tips


Bodybuilding must be practiced carefully. If you have some health problems, you should go ask your GP’s advice. Before every session, you have to warm up your muscles and try not to make too much effort at the beginning of the training session. For your safety during a session, you can work with another person as a team, one works and one who coaches and assists. You have to choose the right training clothes and to get a sport towel for the sweat, for you not to be distracted/slipping and to prevent damaging your weights bench. If you are practicing in a room with windows, don’t hesitate to open them for a better oxygenation. Don’t forget to drink water regularly, between each exercise. You can also get in touch with a physical coach to have a more precise set of exercises and objectives for your training.


A weights bench is easily maintained: after a training session, just wipe the saddle to protect it from the sweat. You can check the tightening and the screws every 6 months. You can put foam supports on the bench to protect the floor.


Regarding the security details for weights benches, you don’t need to overestimate yourself and train on too difficult exercises and risking to get hurt. You have to progress step by step.

When you’re looking for a weights bench consider the options available from Decathlon. We also have a guide on how to choose the right weights for you, to complement your working out space.

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