How To Choose: Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are designed with specific uses in mind. As a result, each machine is designed to provide the maximum comfort that specific use. Your use should therefore take a big part in determining which rowing machine you will choose. Do you wish to imitate the sensation of rowing in your home? Perhaps you want to take up a full body physical activity? Maybe you’re looking to do some intense training? Once your needs and goals are determined, seeing some of the differences between models will help you to find the rowing machine you need.

Which type of machine to reach your target?

There are two types of rowing machines that differ mainly in the way of pulling, providing two different styles of exercise for different objectives.

Scandinavian type rowing machines: these give you the closest sensation to actual rowing at home, and for this reason is the most advisable type. This system aims to copy as much as possible of regular rowing motions. You will want to be more careful with this type of machine however, the right movement is harder to master and you will need better coordination. This is especially true if you have never done proper rowing before.

Central pulling rowing machines: are you just starting your physical activity or looking to do an intense sport? The benefits of the central pulling style explain why it is the most popular type of rowing machine, for home use or in the gym. The movement is always symmetrical and smooth. It is then easier to focus on your body position (straight back, abdominal sheathing) for a comfortable and efficient work.


No matter which machine you choose to use you’ll be working nearly 80% of your muscle groups.

Machine Characteristics

In our range, you can find two types of resistance systems:

Magnetic resistance:

This system is easier to use and silent. By turning the resistance knob, you pull a cable which brings a magnet closer to the inertia wheel. This causes the resistance to be higher and makes pulling more difficult. All of this is achieved without any physical resistance or rubbing so it is very quiet.

Air resistance:

This style uses an advanced system, with endless options for difficulty. The harder you pull, the harder the machine’s resistance becomes. You can also alter the amount of air entering the resistance wheel which will change the difficulty of each “stroke”.

Another important aspect to consider is the control panel: Every control panel will give you the basic information on your training regime.  This information can cover all sorts of things like your speed, distance, running time and average number of calories burnt. The measurement of the heart rate can also be possible thanks to a heart rate monitor and the belt that goes with, which may be included or optional depending on the model of rowing machine you choose.

Some models also come with integrated training programs installed and change the settings as you train. This provides some variety as well as an additional challenge to overcome.



The room you have at home is also a criteria you should have in mind when choosing your rowing machine. Some models have a clever folding system which is useful when you don’t have a lot of room, while others do not.  Consider which kind of machine you’d prefer and how you might store it when not in use.

With this knowledge you’re armed to go out and choose the right rowing machine for you. Why not start your browsing with the range at Decathlon?

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