7 Scooter Safety Tips

Riding your scooter in an open area is pretty simple, one foot on the scooter, hands on handlebars and kick off the ground when you slow down. Realistically though you’re going t be riding near other people. For your sake, their safety, and the longevity of your scooter we’ve got some tips that should help.

1. Keep Left

For general safety, it’s a pretty good idea to follow road rules, stay left unless overtaking, don’t go too fast, try to indicate before you steer in front of someone. When you’re moving faster than everyone else it helps your decision making process to have a few rules to follow.

2. Keep Off The Road

With that said, you’re not in a car, you don’t have airbags and you’re certainly not going to be keeping up with road traffic. Ride your scooter on the footpath or in the bicycle lane designated. You might have to dismount if there are many people and while that might sound lame, it’s safer than forcing your way through the crowd.


3. Use The Brakes

If you see a crowd coming up it’s good to know how your brakes work. It’s more important to know how to stop than to know how to go fast. With a new scooter it’s worth taking it slow until you get a feel for the brakes. The last thing you want to do is slam into someone or something because you underestimated your brakes. Most scooters come with a fender brake, one that you press down on the rear wheel, and some come with a front brake attached to the handlebars. Be familiar with your brakes and everyone will be happier.

4. Stamp It Out

Sometimes the brakes alone aren’t going to cut it. When something jumps out at you and you know the brakes just won’t be effective enough you should consider putting your foot down. Literally. Your contact with the ground will provide more friction than the wheel brakes. It’s not great for your shoes but it’s better to need new shoes than new bones.

5. If All Else Fails, Abandon Ship

If you’re going too fast, the brakes aren’t good enough and you’re going to crash, jump off. You’ll be safer if you can let go of the scooter and let it crash into the wall or the gutter or speed bump. Your scooter is relatively light compared to the person riding it and the obstacle should be less damaged too.


6. Always Carry Protection

Something else that might be worth considering is protection. It’s less important if you’re doing a casual scoot at low speed but when you feel like flying having some elbow and knee pads to go with your helmet could save you. Having protective pads means you can have that peace of mind when going a little faster. Without the risk of hurting yourself you’ll be able to scoot confidently.

7. Slippery When Wet

One last safety tip is that many scooter wheels may become slippery when wet. Scooter wheels are typically made of a sort of plastic or rubber which will lose it’s gripping ability in rain and wet weather.  For this reason it’s normally safer to walk instead of risking a slip and crash when nature is against you.

With this advice under your belt and wheels you’ll be able to scoot confidently all day. If you’re looking to get into scooting but don’t know where to start we have a range of scooters as well as guides on how to choose the right scooter for you! Our most popular scooter is the Town 9 EasyFold and you can learn more about it here.

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