How To Choose: 5-a-Side Boots

Five-a-side football can be played on several kinds of surface. This guide will show you how to find the pair of boots you need!

Futsal is played five against five over two halves of twenty minutes each. It is played on a pitch at least 25m by 15m in size. There are four types of surface: parquet, smooth cement, concrete or PVC. Futsal is a fast, technical variant of football with its own rules, based on tactics and the players moving about the pitch. It is played with a ball with reduced bounce and specially designed shoes.

Choose your boots according to the playing surface

Wear rubber soles on parquet, smooth cement or PVC and wear ridged soles on concrete. This will ensure the long life of your shoes as well as the court you play on.


For hard pitches

Five-a-side football is played on a synthetic surface in private centres or on public pitches. It is a technical, fast-paced variant of football, focussed on fun and sociable play.

Choosing your boots according to the playing surface

Wear boots with small-sized multi-crampons on artificial turf to give you more support when changing direction.

Choosing your boots according to your level

Beginners will opt for a non-streaking sole with a good grip, and support. Regular player will choose cushioning and breathability. Advanced players will go for shoes that are more lightweight and provide good ball control.

The range of decathlon boots are broken down into the type of field you’re expecting to play on, so if you’re looking for astro turf boots, or boots for hard pitches that’s how they’re divided.

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