How To Choose: Shin Pads and Underwear

Shin pads and underwear or underclothes are commonly overlooked parts of football. While one is more important that the other both need to be chosen properly for your enjoyment and safety while playing this sport.

Shin pads

Shin pads are required for 11- or 5-a-side competition football, both for your safety and for the safety of others.  They’ll keep your legs from breaking when people kick as hard as they regularly do.


There are different types of shin pad:

  • One-piece, nice and simple. Gets the job done.
  • One-piece with integrated ankle guard (with added protection for the malleolus). Fairly common, most are designed with particular brands of boots in mind so that they sit neatly together.
  • Two-piece, with a detachable ankle guard, allowing either piece to be worn separately. Offers the most flexibility and means you can get boots to match later on.

The shin pad’s size should be chosen according to the player’s stature.

Player’s size Size
Under 1.10m XS
From 1 .10m to 1.40m S
From 1.40 to 1.70m M
Over 1.70m L

It is vitally important to wash your shin pads regularly too. Even just regular intensity play will make you sweat into the pads, which if not washed can cause discomfort and skin conditions to develop.  


Our range of base layers is designed to protect the player during indoor or outdoor team sports, improving comfort and performance regardless of weather conditions or fatigue.

under clothes

Why wear them at all?

When playing team sport, players often tend to cover themselves up too much, to prevent the effects of the cold.  To avoid suffering in low temperatures, or from fatigue, choose clothing that wicks away perspiration, gives muscle support and keeps you warm. Our range will dress you from head to toe: Hats, neck protectors, undershirts, gloves, undershorts and sock liners.

Our range fulfils three promises:

  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Performance

For some quality football underwear and protection have a look at our range. For some more tips on football we’ve got a whole bunch of guides to get you started.

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