Playing In The Rain

As with all things in life it’s important to be prepared. Dress nice for work, tie your shoe laces, all things to help prepare you for a normal day. When you’re going to play football you don’t wear thongs, you put on your boots and shin pads so that you’re prepared.

But oh no, it’s raining, it’s wet! You were all hyped up for your soccer game, or training for your fun run, or your cycle around the neighbourhood. It’s not the end of the world, you can still play or practice in the wet, you just have to be prepared. Here’s some things to consider before you go marching out in defiance of mother nature.

Caution: Slippery When Wet

When it rains, it’s not shocking that everything gets slippery. Without a doubt you’ve seen or been one of the unfortunate souls to come crashing down after a poorly placed step. This is where you’ll want some good grip on the bottom of your shoes. The right ridges and grooves as well as material will help keep you upright. If you’re going for a ride you’ll need the right tyres. A wide tyre will cover more surface area and push away more water than a slim one. Turning also needs to be taken more slowly as sharp turns will force the wheels from under you and your elbows and knees will quickly become friends with the road beneath you.

Stay Dry and Warm

While it’s important to stay hydrated it’s just as important to stay dry. Having a good game requires you to be comfortable and warm. Getting too cold can cause you not only discomfort but also increase your chance of injuries. Warming up is important on a regular day to avoid strains and tears. In the rain you’ll want a waterproof but breathable jacket, to ensure you stay dry without overheating. If you feel like a jacket might catch and hold you back you can try some base layers to wear underneath for extra warmth.


I Can See Clearly Now

Make sure you practice in a well lit and safe environment. Rain and clouds can make it darker and the last thing you want to do is slip and fall on something sharp. Keep your wits about you and your blood inside by playing under a light, or cycling under street lights instead of the bush. You can get headlamps or attachable lights so that you’re field of view is always visible. If you can’t guarantee lights or you want a little extra protection during a heavy downpour grab a hat to keep your eyes clear of water.

Eyes Open

Even once you’re as prepared as you can be, armed to the teeth with waterproof jackets and extra grippy shoes, that doesn’t give you permission to stop paying attention. Even with the best gear available you’ll still need to keep your eyes peeled for anything that’s not conducive to a fun environment. If there’s a storm brewing and lightning rolling in, maybe don’t play underneath the big trees and tall lamp posts. You don’t need to be over cautious but be aware.

Have Fun

There have been plenty of warnings and advice in this post but the most important part of playing sport when it’s wet is to have fun! Playing in the rain can be loads of fun, and obviously these are tips for the utmost protection. Getting dirty won’t kill you and can add to the excitement of a friendly game. So pack your waterproof backpack, gather your family and friends and make getting a little wet well worth it.

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