How To Choose: Football Ball

Generally, depending on the kind of football you intend to play the choice has been made for you. Regulated tournaments of 11- and 5-a-side football have rules about the standards of the balls that are played with.  


Balls from our 11-a-side range are designed for playing regulation football. The ball must be spherical, with a circumference of between 68cm and 70cm, and mass of between 420g and 445g. It can be machine-sewn, hand-sewn (better) or heat-bonded (best). The balls are also designed for play on a natural or synthetic grass surface. These balls should not be used on abrasive surfaces like concrete.

There are different sizes:

  • Size 5 for age groups under 15s and up.
  • Size 4 for age groups below under 15 and above under 7.
  • Size 3 for beginners, under 7 and below.


Balls from our 5-a-side football range are designed for futsal or indoor football. Futsal balls are generally made of synthetic material (polyurethane or thermoplastic polyurethane). They are smaller than traditional footballs, between 62cm and 64cm in circumference. Futsal balls are specifically designed to have reduced bounce, allowing for a technical game based more at ground level.

An indoor football ball is made of synthetic material (PU or TPU). It is the same size as a traditional football, or a little smaller. Its bounce is somewhere between a traditional football and a futsal ball.

Leisure Football

Footballs from our leisure range are designed for playing football with friends on all kinds of surfaces. Leisure footballs are made of a different material depending on the playing surface: grass, sand, tarmac or shale. You’ll want to check each ball for more information on where it is best suited. 

NOTE: For optimum play, inflate all balls to the pressure indicated on its surface.

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