Upgrading your scooter experience

Doesn’t matter whether it’s at the park in your comfy clothes or on the way to work in your serious clothes scooting can be lots of fun. But sometimes you’ll need a little bit extra to make your journey easier or more personal. Here are some things you can pick up to make your scooter suit you and your needs.

Carry All

While many people don’t struggle with their balance, having a satchel or a backpack can make scooting more difficult. The extra weight throws plenty of people off balance and there’s no shame in that. To fix this there are bags that attach to scooters, or scooter trailers, that can carry your backpack or purse . This means less pressure on your shoulders and back, and more ease of scooting.


Scooting at night or when it’s dark is a great way to get around quickly and easily, but there are some extra risks that come simply with less light. With a light attached to the front of your scooter you’ll be more visible to other pedestrians and cars while also better able to direct yourself. Many companies won’t make “scooter lights” but a bicycle light will work just fine.



If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep lots of records why not consider a camera. Cameras will let you re-watch your past paths and, if you’re so inclined, improve upon your paths. Scooting past many things, you might even find something you want to show your friends or coworkers.

Paint It Red

Scooters can look cool, or they can just be practical, but if you want some unique style to your ride there are options for that too. With the smooth surface metal scooters tend to have stickers will hold fast for miles. You can also repaint them so that you stand out from your scooting friends. After all, the red ones go faster.


It’s your scooter after all, you can do what you want with it. If you want to change the wheels, you can change them to something more comfortable. If you’d prefer to change the grip on the deck and the handles you can do that too. Maybe you want to take your kid for a few laps around the park, you can get attachments for them too.


The short version of all this is that with your scooter, you can make it your ride. You can make the scooter your sport. We’ve got a whole heap of scooter accessories for you to try out if you’d like, and if you’re just getting started we have scooters as well has some tips on how to choose yours.

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