How To Choose: Basketball Shoes

Basketball can be played on a variety of different surfaces, indoor on synthetic flooring, outdoor on asphalt or concrete, so it’s important to have shoes that can stand up to the punishment without deteriorating the court. Indoor courts might have rules about the shoes you can wear which is another point to consider.

Basketball shoes should be chosen based on the surface you will be playing on and on what level you are playing at. Basketball shoes are designed for a number of player’s needs:

  • Cushioning after jumping.
  • Keeping the foot inside the shoe.
  • Fit and stability during fast movements and changes of direction.
  • Breathability, allowing sweat to escape.


Basketball is a quick game with lots of movement, plenty of running, jumping, stopping, starting. All of that action can be hard on your joints and tiring so it’s important to have the right cushioning in your shoes. Each step will feel lighter and be easier to manage without the jolts that would happen otherwise.


Losing your shoe mid game will slow down the game and hurt your team while you waste time fetching your shoe. Different shoes will have different shapes so it’s important that your shoes match you. A better fitting shoe is more likely to be comfortable and supportive during all of your movements.

htc basketball shoes lower.jpg


As already said, there will be a lot of movement during the game, fast changes in direction are not uncommon so it’s important not to misstep. Having a well fitted shoe is headed in the right direction but you’ll also need some grip on the bottom.  The right grip will make your footfalls sure and on an indoor court won’t slip and leave a mark on the court.  


It’s hard work to run up and down the court for basketball game. Even with regular breaks and substitutions you’ll find yourself sweating and tired regularly.  In order to avoid complications with your feet you’ll want some breathable shoes. They’ll be more comfortable and will let you play the game with less pressure on your feet.

Now that you know what features to look for you’ll be better prepared when you’re weighing up your basketball shoe options.  Decathlon has a range of basketball shoes as well as a whole heap of other basketball gear that’s worth checking out.

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