How To Choose: Wedge

Wedges or chippers are used for approach shots. Pay attention when making your choice, as a mastery of the short game is essential to a golfer’s performance. Wedges are used for flat strokes over 100m, for chipping and in bunkers. A gap wedge is an intermediate club between pitching wedge and sand wedge. You will use your chipper for putting on the green.


The different lofts (52°, 54°, 56° and 60°) will allow you to find the wedge that suits you best at approach and for playing more precise shots. The higher the loft, the higher the ball’s trajectory, and the less the ball will roll along the green. The number of ridges, along with their shape, will allow you to play more precisely, controlling the amount of spin you give to the ball.

More Information

52°- 54° gap wedge: this allows for an intermediate club between the PW (pitching wedge, supplied in series) and the SW (sand wedge). This wedge has reduced “bounce” (between 0º and 10º) and is ideal for all shots played in sand or on hard lies. This reduced bounce, linked to a finer sole, allows for more direct, solid contact. Perfect for players who want to be creative around the green and in bunkers with a more horizontal attack on the ball. The gap wedge allows for the club face to be opened more easily for all lob shots around the green.


56° sand wedge: the standard loft for approach shots and exiting bunkers. This wedge, with standard bounce (10º to 16º) is the most universal wedge for all types of players and playing conditions. It is also an excellent choice for golfers who wish to open up the club head or keep it square when exiting the bunker.

58°- 60° lob wedge. These irons allow the ball to be launched high and prevent too much rolling after impact. The lob wedge has increased bounce (16º to 18º) and is ideal for sandy conditions or soft lies. Perfect for players who prefer to play their bunker shots with the club head square on at impact. The increased bounce is also recommended for players whose attack on the ball is more vertical.

The black finish on some wedges prevents them reflecting the sun, protecting the golfer from glare.


The chipper’s lower loft (around 28°) allows the ball to roll along the green. The chipper, like the putter, has an alignment line, is weighted at the rear, and has a wide sole, maintaining all the precision and tolerance of a putter.

With this in mind, as well as the layout of your favourite golf course, you’ll be prepared to pick the perfect wedge or chipper for your short game.

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