Sports For Winter

It’s cold outside and while it might not snow that doesn’t make the heater less appealing. In this time of steamy showers, hiding under blankets and freezing rain it can be hard to get outside for sport. But it doesn’t have to be! There is always a sport or game to play and practice no matter the weather. Now, while we wouldn’t recommend beach swimming in winter there are alternatives that will keep you fit and warm while having fun.

One of the easiest ways to warm up in this weather is to move around. Running and walking are great ways to keep healthy, stay fit, and defrost instead of freezing to the couch. The cold outside can be off-putting initially but once you get some momentum the cool breeze can feel refreshing instead of oppressive. Even though it’s cold make sure to stay hydrated, it’s easy to forget when you’re not feeling as heated as in summer.

If you’d rather play a game with some mates instead of running or walking you can always play football or rugby. Team sports are a great way to bring people together during the middle of the year and the heat of friendly competition will keep you warm no matter how chilly the air is. With the right clothes layers you’ll be able to play comfortably without overheating.


One of the most exciting parts of winter can are the snow sports. Skiing and snowboarding holidays can be an exciting adventure. Zipping down the mountain on fresh snow is something that everyone should try out at least once in their life. You’ll obviously want some warm jackets and pants because turning blue from the cold is never fun. Snow sports are only available for a short window of time during the year so if this sounds like something you want to try, get out there! If you miss it this time, there’s always next year but nobody wants to wait that long.

You don’t necessarily need to practice outside though. If the weather really is terrible you just need to get a little creative. There are plenty of indoor sport centres and gyms. When the outside world just wants to trap you inside, show your defiance on your exercise bike or on the basketball court. Indoor sports can be just as enjoyable as outdoor, and have the advantage of not being postponed due to weather like a regular football game might.


The short version of all this is that no matter what there’s always something fun to do, on your own or in a team. So even if it’s cold, keep a positive attitude and a warm outlook and you can have fun all year round with your sport of choice!

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