How To Choose: Gymnastics Outfit and Shoes

Just as a mother wants the greatest comfort for her child, a gymnast wants the greatest freedom of movement. The correct clothing for gymnastics consists of a leotard and tights for female gymnasts, and shorts for male gymnasts. This clothing allows the gymnast to ensure that his or her movements are perfectly executed. Tight-fitting, they allow for complete freedom of movement while training or performing.

A comfortable, specially designed shoe will make a difference to the individual and to the way the gymnast performs. Your choice of shoe depends on its expected use and on the gymnast’s level.


A light shoe that grips the foot well is recommended for the training hall or school. It is very important for a gym shoe to be skid proof, to prevent the gymnast from falling and being injured, which can often happen if a child wears, for example, only socks. We recommend our Rhythm 300 section. This range is well suited to young children, as it is easy to put on and easy to clean regularly.



A shoe with good grip is essential for doing sport in good conditions, providing the gymnast with the best support, comfort and safety when training or performing. Ideally your shoes will be lightweight and have flexible soles giving an outstanding “bare feet” feel.


To train safely on gym apparatus, a leather shoe is often necessary for flawless flexibility and maximum instep extension. We suggest our leather rhythmic selection, whose split soles favour the pointed position.

Demi-pointes are recommended for the experienced rhythmic gymnast. Made of leather, they give better protection against rubbing and allow the gymnast to use them for several years.

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