How To Choose: Driver

The driver or 1-wood is the club to use for teeing off. The driver has the widest club head, but also the highest loft. It is used at the start of each hole, and generally with the help of a tee. Your driver should be chosen with particular care, as each player should feel perfectly at ease with his or her driver at address. The following are all important to consider before you lock in which club you’re going to choose.

Head volume

Oversize head: greater tolerance and power.

  • Volume: 460cc
  • Length of shaft: longer
  • Weight of club: lighter

Normal head: greater precision

  • Volume: 440cc
  • Length of shaft: shorter
  • Weight of club: heavier

htc driver.jpg


For higher trajectories, choose a higher loft (between 10.5 and 11.5 degrees). For lower trajectories, however, opt for a lower loft (between 8.5 and 9.5 degrees).


Finally, your choice of shaft should be adapted to the speed of your swing. For a “relaxed” swing, choose an L (ladies), A (senior) or R (regular or standard) shaft. For fast swings go for S (stiff) or X (extra stiff). For greater power and tolerance, choose a long shaft. For more precision, opt for a short shaft.

More Information

Driver heads are made of titanium. The advantage of titanium is that it offers lightness, tolerance, comfort and power. A titanium club head allows for greater tolerance of centring errors when striking the ball, preventing the undesired effects of slice or hook.

bag shot.jpg

It is also important to know that the more the weight of the head is distributed towards the rear, the easier and more tolerant the club is to play. The distribution of the weight towards the edges allows for the head to be better maintained when striking the ball during badly centred strokes. The lower centre of gravity allows the ball to take off more easily.

With this under your belt you should be able to pick out the right driver for you, and wouldn’t you know it our website, has a range you can check out right now!

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