How To Choose: Cross-trainer

To choose the right cross trainer, you need to know what your needs are: soft strengthening or intense cardio training? And you need to decide which technical characteristics you will favor: mechanical or motorised setting? The room you have at home will also help you to choose between some models.

The Right Machine for the Right Use

Which cross trainer for your goal?

Every cross trainer or elliptical bike is designed to provide a maximum comfort on a specific use. You need to know what will be your use to choose the machine designed for it. The more intense you use is, the more pedaling fluidity and amplitude will provide you with comfort and all you need to perform.


Soft strengthening and physiotherapy

When using a cross trainer for a soft strengthening or a physiotherapy, you will favor comfort over performance. The lumbar comfort is crucial, more than the pedaling power. The Domyos bikes are designed to insure a straight back when using them. All elliptical from the Domyos range will then be fitted for this kind of needs.

Intense cardio training

For an intense cardio training or a performance use, the possibility of changing the position will provide variety of use and comfort. In this case, go for ellipticals designed with mobile arms and multi-positions fix handlebars, with a larger pedaling amplitude.

Body Areas Worked

The cross trainer or elliptical bike is a hybrid machine between a bike and a stepper. It allows to work on the whole body. Cross trainers are usually used to lose weight and burn fat.

Technical Characteristics


Make sure you always keep a straight back! A well designed elliptical should ensure the right position. Whatever your hand setting (fix handlebar or mobile arms), keeping a straight back allows you to solicit the midsection muscles (by sheathing), the top and the low body and to exercise for a long time. Don’t hesitate to do this test in store: even when the arms are at the maximum distance, your back should still be straight.



A comfortable pedaling is a smooth pedaling. The weight of the wheel influences the fluidity of pedaling, but that is not the only factor: the weight repartition on the wheel, the transmission system are some of the other factors. Domyos’ transmission systems has been designed to provide the smoother pedaling possible.

A 3,5 kg wheel will provide a much smoother pedaling than a 6 kg one. When testing the bike, make sure you find the comfort of pedaling that will allow you to pedal for a long time.

Depending on your target, the amplitude of pedaling, determined by the diameter of the inertia wheel, will also has an impact on the success of your exercises. The bigger the diameter is, the larger your movements will be.

Type of resistance adjustment: mechanical or motorised?

The “mechanical” adjustment will be very easy to use: be turning the knob, the user will pull a cable which will bring a magnet closer to the inertia wheel, so the resistance will be higher and pedaling, more difficult. The “motorised” adjustment will allow the user to change the setting directly from the control panel. This offers two benefits: more levels of difficulty and the possibility of setting some training programs with variable tensions that will change automatically. The programs will be designed for different targets: to burn calories, to get ready for performance…

The control panel

Every control panel will give you the basic informations: speed, distance, running time, average number of calories burnt. Some models will also display the heart rate (nothing is more precise than a heart rate monitor belt to measure your heart rate, so favor models that comes with one, like the VM510). Then, depending on the models, you will have more or less programs, some compatibilities (coaching, mp3…) and an increased ease of reading the information provided thanks to backlighting or big screens.

The user maximum weight

It changes from one model to another. The Domyos range offers models with user maximum weights from 110 to 130 kg, and even up to 150 kg for the Kettler Satura model. Make sure your bike is designed with stabilizers to insure a safe use even on an uneven floor.



To choose the right bike for your needs, don’t forget to think about the room available at your home. You will probably need to fold it and store it: favor bikes with stabilizers and transport rollers.

With all of this under your belt, you should be able to judge what you want out a cross trainer and which features to look for. Our range might have something that fits!

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