How To Choose: Golf Tee

Tees are used on the first shot of each hole. They allow the golf ball to be raised up, making it easier to strike the ball with your driver or other club. There are different kinds of tee so choose yours according to your needs, like sturdiness or ease of use. With a variety of materials to choose from, each tee will behave slightly differently if you’re looking for that specific feel.

Wooden tees make for greater ease of use. These rigid tees are easy to insert into the ground.

Plastic tees provide greater sturdiness. These supple tees are longer-lasting than wooden tees because of their material.

htc tee.jpg

Graduated tees are the higher tier, combining the strengths of wooden and plastic tees, for greater ease of use and sturdiness. Graduated tees have preset heights, guaranteeing consistent height at each strike of the ball.

The colour coding of graduated tees:

  • Blue: irons, hybrids and 7-woods
  • Yellow: 3- and 5-woods
  • Orange: driver
  • Fluorescent green: universal tee


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