How To Choose: Men’s Swimwear For Pools

Swimming is a popular sport as it’s relatively accessible and inexpensive. Once you’ve got the essentials (a pair of goggles, your swimsuit, a cap) and the entry fee for the local pool you’re good to go! That said, if you need some new swimwear or your old trunks look a bit worn, it can be daunting with all the options available to choose what’s right for you.

As you’d expect, different swimwear is designed with varying usage and intensity in mind. If you want to be better informed about your togs or bathers, you’ll want to look out for a few different things. Here we’ve broken our advice down based on how often you intend to go to for a swim.

Once or less per week

If you swim occasionally go for swimwear that you will feel comfortable in and that will be comfortable to wear. The material used for this type of swimsuit is typically polyamide elastane or lycra. The most suitable styles are classic swimming briefs, boxer shorts and board shorts. Please note that some styles might not be allowed in all public pools!


Twice or more per week

If you swim regularly go for swimwear with good chlorine resistance. You should therefore opt for a model without elastane. As for the shape, it is advisable to choose a cut that will give you enough freedom of movement: classic swimming briefs, boxer shorts and board shorts.


More than three times per week

If you swim intensively go for a swimsuit that will assist you in your quest for performance. The Jammer, which promotes muscle compression, muscle recovery and hydrodynamics, will be perfectly suited. The material used is polyester, which provides maximum comfort but more importantly is chlorine resistant and does not deteriorate after repeated use.


Swimming competitively?

Finally, if you swim competitively, check out our racing Jammer approved by FINA (International Swimming Federation). It is designed with a material with a high percentage of ultrathin, lightweight and tear-resistant elastane. The aim is to boost the performance of competition swimmers by ensuring better hydrodynamics, better buoyancy and reduced fatigue during exercise.


And with that you should be better prepared to find what you want! Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find the right swimwear in no time. Just don’t forget to bring your towel, and a pair of goggles, and a swimming cap (which might be required in your local swimming pool).

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