How To Choose: Women’s Swimwear For Pools

Heading back to the pool after winter can be an interesting experience. You’ve got your cap, your goggles, your towel all ready, but picking out a swimsuit is another thing entirely! There’s too many options once you’re in the shop and with as many options for brands and materials as there are it can be a sensory overload.

Choosing your swimsuit for going swimming can quickly become a headache.

So we’ll give you some tips on what to look with some of the options available. It’ll mostly come down to what you’re expected usage and experience swimming are.

If you’re looking at swimming once a week or less, you’ll want a swimsuit that’s comfortable above all else.¬†Swimsuits with a Y-shaped racerback like below will provide support.


Alternatively you could go for a cross back style, suitable for all body types. These one’s are available in both one piece or two piece styles.


Swimsuits with a U shaped scoop back are great for showing off your figure and are easy to put on.


If you’re swimming more frequently, say up to 3 times per week, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for something that’s chlorine resistant and offers greater freedom of movement for when you’re turning at the end of your laps.

You might want to consider an open O shaped back, leaving it more flexible than the options shown so far.


If you’re swimming more than three times a week, you’ll really want something that, again, is chlorine resistant but you’ll definitely want to focus on freedom of movement. A very open back and a higher degree of resistance ensure you’ll get better value of money and comfort while you swim.


If you do intend to go out and strut your stuff in a race, it might be worth investing in a full on racing suit. Depending on the one you pick up you can benefit from muscle compression and better hydro dynamics for that extra edge!


Now that you have some idea what to look for the pressure’s off! Phew! Just don’t forget to bring your towel, and a pair of goggles, and a swimming cap (which might be required in your local swimming pool).

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