How To Choose: Goggles for Swimming Pool

Looking to go for a swim? You’ll need to dress to the occasion! After picking out your swimsuit the next step is to grab your goggles. If you plan on spending time doing laps you’ll want to protect your eyes from the pool chemicals but there’s plenty of choices. Where do you start?

First, you’ll want to narrow down what features you’re looking for. Most goggles have a fog-proof layer on the inside so that you can see where you’re going. If you intend to use them for a while, during long swims and swimming for many months, consider ones that will last longer.

Second, the lenses come in a variety of colours and it’s not just to make you look pretty. Different colours can give you better vision or clarity when you’re practicing your stroke. Clear or pale coloured lenses are great for letting in more light and are good for cloudy days outside and indoor swimming. Darker lenses are better for swimming outside in the sun and keeping your eyes safe. Mirrored lenses are great at reducing glare for those exceptionally bright days or indoor pools with lots of light.


Finally, there are difference designs that might catch your eye, both in terms of the colours and patterns but more importantly, there are functional differences between the different styles and sizes.

Professional and Snug

These goggles are designed to be sleek, smooth, to sit close to your eyes to reduce the drag in the water will still letting you see where you’re going. These are lightweight and meant to be as unnoticeable as possible.


Freestyle and Recreational

These goggles are going to be a halfway point in the spectrum from racing goggles to more relaxed styles. These are the ones you pick up if you want to take it seriously but don’t expect to be participating in local races.


Large Recreational

If you’re just looking to get some practice in the pool but aren’t worried about performance times and the like, larger goggles will do the trick. You’ll have a bigger field of view and, assuming they’re the right size, greater comfort. The trade off is that they might not be suited extended swim times and might fog up more.


The Right Fit

Now that you know what features you’re looking for, you’ll need to make sure you get the right fit. There are 3 important parts to this:

1. Seal around the eyes

Make sure that your goggles can form a little suction around your eyes. Without the strap, if you press them on they should be able to hold for a second or two. If not, they might leak in the pool.

2. Nose scratching

If you’re trying them on and the bridge across your nose scratches or is irritating, that’s a bad sign. If they’re painful or annoying during a brief tryout the goggles are going to be even worse during a long swim.

3. Not too tight or too loose

The band to hold your goggles on your head should be flexible and adjustable. Not too tight, not too loose, not having to stretch and strain them to fit them over your head.


With all that under your belt, why not have a look at our range? Don’t worry about trying things on, if it doesn’t fit we can exchange it for free!

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