How To Choose: Club Set and Trolley

When you’re playing the whole 19 holes you’re going to need a convenient way to transport all your golf gear with you.  Between your clubs, balls, gloves and any other accessories you’ll want a way to bring it all together. If you’re just starting out the essentials would be a club set and a trolley to get them around.

Golf Set

A golf set provides a turnkey solution to all your equipment needs: bag, irons, woods and putters. All our golf sets are designed with the evolving golfer in mind – from unclassified to a 25 index – as all of the clubs featured in these sets meet the requirements of tolerance and power.

Which set?

The compact set, also known as the discovery set, is aimed at beginner golfers who want to equip themselves at less cost. It is ideal for playing pitch and putt, or on driving ranges.

A half set is for the improving golfer, and can be completed as your golf progresses. It is designed for all kinds of golf (pitch and putt, 18-hole), and includes a bag and six clubs (three irons, one wood, one sand wedge and one putter). An additional advantage of the half set is that it has a small space for storing or transporting your equipment.

A full set gives you one of each different type of club and equips you ideally for all kinds of course.

trolley and set.jpg

All of our sets can be supplemented with additional clubs.


Trolleys are designed for transporting your clubs in their bag while playing. There are different types of trolley: pull trolleys, push trolleys and electric trolleys. Choose your trolley according to your needs. Compactness (folding and optimum ease of storage) and manoeuvring (stability, handle and roll) are essential considerations when choosing your trolley.

The different types of trolley

Pull trolleys, with two wheels, are the easiest to manoeuvre, using the muscles of the upper body. They are a good choice for courses with a lot of uneven ground.

Push trolleys, with three or four wheels, are more stable, using the muscles of the lower body. They are best used on flat courses.

Electric trolleys, with three or four wheels, are very stable and allow the golfer to conserve energy on the course. They are, however, heavier.

Optional features: umbrella holder, scorecard-holder, tee-holder… all these are additional conveniences.

bag shot

With these two right off the bat you’ll be ready to take to the golf course. Decathlon has options for both golf club sets and trolleys to help your mobility around the golf course.  Good luck at your next tee off!

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