How To Choose: Beach Accessories

A trip to the beach isn’t as simple as getting wet and drip drying. There are plenty of things you’ll want to grab to make your next surf as fun as possible.

Starting with the most essential piece, a towel. If the entire point of your day out is to splash around you’ll want a towel for afterwards. Grabbing a snack and getting home will be much easier once you’re dry. At the end of the day, any towel will do the trick but there are some things to think about. How big is the towel? Bigger people will naturally want a larger towel. Are you going to lie on it and sunbathe or just dry yourself off? Maybe bring a spare towel to avoid scratching yourself with the sand or a larger one for lying down.


After covering up with sunscreen it’s worth having some shade set up too. It’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen but once you’ve got an umbrella or sun shelter set up it’ll stay up and able to protect you from some of the suns radiation. An umbrella is better for a small cover and is typically more portable but if you want to cover more area a shelter will be what you want.


Some other things you might want include that are helpful or fun but aren’t necessary are:

1. Water.  If you’re out for a long time in the sun you’ll want to stay hydrated. Grab a few bottles of water and maybe an esky to keep it cool. Spare water is also helpful to rinse off the sand and salt once you’re ready to go home.

2. Chairs. You can always throw a towel over the sand and make that a seat but if you want to relax and read a book it might be easier with a folding or collapsible chair.

3. Games. Once you’re done splashing around why not have a game of rugby or volleyball (as long as you’re not kicking sand on other people).

So what are you waiting for? Get out and get sandy!

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