Swimming Sports To Try Out

We’re pretty good at beating the heat in Australia. Between air conditioning every building and the variety of ice cream available staying cool isn’t too much of a challenge. One of the more fun ways is to go for a swim, a splash or a dip in the water. Maybe you’ve got a pool, maybe you want to explore the ocean! So here are some ideas for getting wet and getting outside!

Pool Swimming

Plenty of people have swimming pools in their backyards and others have local pools that they can visit as a family day out! If you plan on going to a public pool make sure you follow their rules, such as showering before diving in and covering up all the important bits.


When you’re just mucking around in the water, and not swimming too often, you just want to have comfortable swimwear. No need to worry about hydrodynamics if you’re just getting wet to cool off.

If you’re going to be doing laps you’ll want to get some swimwear that’s designed for it (tips for choosing here). Something that can put up with the water while also helping you get your lap time down. Look for something with good chlorine resistance that isn’t made of elastane.

Surfing and other Board Sports

Riding waves can be an exciting and skill intensive way to start the day. Getting out on the water before anyone else can be a great experience… if you’re not too cold! Staying warm is easier with a wetsuit that covers you up. A wetsuit with a good fit keeps the chilly water out and you warm inside (how to choose), just like catching that sunrise.


If you’re not a surfer you can grab a boogie board or a waveboard and enjoy the shallows (which is a great way to avoid sharks!).

Snorkeling and Scuba

Looking for exploration? Get out in the open water and find something cool while staying cool yourself! If you’re diving you’ll want a wetsuit to keep you warm as the water steals your body heat. Be sure to bring a friend on your adventure just in case!


If you’re snorkelling, pick swimmers that will keep the sun off you if you’re going to be out for a while (and don’t forget the sunscreen!). Snorkelling can be even easier with our Easybreath so you don’t have to miss a second fiddling with your snorkel.

Boating, Kayaking and Canoeing

Sometime, you don’t want to get in the water, just stay near where it’s cool. In that case, a boat of some sort is a pretty good option. You’ll still get a few splashes that will cool you down but you’ll (ideally) avoid getting totally soaked.


You’ll want too be prepared right for the right kind of boat. Getting out on a yacht will require boating clothes that are very different to a solo trip in a kayak. In either case you want clothes that allow full movement so that you can make the adjustments you need. They’ll need different levels of resistance, sailing jackets need to resist salt water while canoeing clothes will typically be in fresh water.

Other Beach Activities

For many of these activities you can start near a beach. If you’re planning on making a day of it there are plenty of other fun things to do! Grab a beach ball, pick up a set for beach tennis, or grab a shovel and bucket and rinse off after. If you need some tips on what to bring click here!


So what are you waiting for? Go for a swim! Ride the waves! Get splashed!

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