How To Choose: Snorkelling Equipment

Snorkelling involves swimming on the surface of the water to discover and observe sea life with a mask, fins, a snorkel and a wetsuit. In cold water, the body temperature can decrease quickly, it is essential to have the right equipment, to enjoy this experience properly as well. Here’s all our advice to choose the right equipment:

1/ Fins/Flippers


There are different kinds of fins, the choice will depend on your practice and what you want out of them.

Foot comfort

The boot of the fin have to maintain the foot without restraining it. The full-foot fin will be lighter and offer more comfort than an adjustable fin. To try a full-foot fin on, you will have to stand. To try on an adjustable fin, you will need neoprene socks. Your heel mustn’t exceed 5 cm out of the fin. Choose one size higher for your fins if you are using neoprene socks.


A flexible fin will require a weaker physical effort, for an occasional practice. A rigid fin will have a more powerful finning, but will require a stronger physical effort. Fins with a longer blade will be more efficient for longer expedition. They will require a larger finning range.

Kicking comfort

Hemstitched blades will have a better water contact, that will give you less physical constraints on your ankles. You are staying on the surface or not deeper than 5 meters. Your fins must:

  • not be too bulky;
  • have a flexible blade;
  • have a comfortable boot.

2/ Mask


If you want to observe and enjoy the sea life, you will need a mask with a wide field of vision. You might choose to prioritise the following qualities.


Single lens masks often provide a wider field of vision.


The comfort and the ergonomy of a mask rest on the skirt, this is why Decathlon’s masks have 100% silicone skirts. Consider using a neoprene strap if you have long hair or for children.


An apnea mask has to have the smallest volume possible. 2-lens masks have a smaller interior volume than single lens masks.

3/ Snorkel


Your snorkel will be chosen for your comfort following certain characteristics:

  • a silicone mouthpiece
  • a wave guard
  • a valve

If you are staying on the surface or not deeper than 5 meters your snorkel must allow you:

To breathe in comfort

A flexible mouthpiece will offer more comfort. A snorkel with a wave guard will prevent the water to go in the tube.

To breathe out comfort

The valve eases the evacuation of the water.


For children, use a specific snorkel, adapted to their morphology. By the age of 12, they will be able to use a regular snorkel.

4/ Swimwear


To enjoy your expedition longer, you can add a thermal top or bottom to your snorkelling kit:

You can pick up all of these in the Decathlon diving section.  We’ve got separate categories for flippers, masks, snorkels (or a set of all together) and wetsuits.

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