3 Great Places To Snorkel In Sydney

When summer is in full swing, if you’re the adventuring type, many outdoor activities become harder than they need to be. However if you still want to do some exploring snorkelling is a great alternative. You can find cool creatures and underwater treasures and all you need is some snorkelling gear.

But where to go? Well as luck would have it here are a few places that can be great fun to snorkel through!

Bare Island

While Bare Island might not have much on top but there’s plenty to see in it’s surrounding waters. With a large rock shelf to one side there’s lots of hiding holes for the local wildlife. There have been reports of sea-horses, weedy sea dragons, moray eels, velvet fish and giant cuttlefish hiding about.

Bare Island is right near La Perouse, making it a half hour drive from Sydney. There’s also a walking bridge over to the island so you can walk over and save your energy for the snorkelling! Since you’re swimming in the surf you’ll want to be careful with the waves. That said, it’s normally quite calm so you should be free to enjoy your underwater adventure.

Shelly Beach


Down the end of Manly you’ll be able to find the picturesque Shelly Beach. With only a 20 minute walk from the main Manly Beach you’ll be able to dive into a sheltered location perfect for snorkellers of all ages and skill levels. With your eyes peeled you might spot sea turtles, squids or Port Jackson sharks.


If you’re looking for an ideal place to learn and practice your snorkelling with your family, this is the spot for you. For those who aren’t super comfortable without a lesson or tour there are plenty of options including Eco Treasures or Viator or Redballoon but they aren’t free.

Kurnell, Inscription Point

Take the plunge where Captain Cook landed and see almost the same world he saw. Out the back of Botany Bay National Park you’ll be able to snorkel and swim with with the same animals that have called that home since 1770. You can start right off the point and get into the action, saving your energy, or you can swim around the point from Silver Beach and pass the Captain Cook monument if you’re more of a history buff.

Click for larger image

Don’t forget that this point is inside the National Park so you’ll need to pay the park fees. It’s also a little bit of a trek down the stairs but for that you’ll be rewarded with plenty of wildlife. They’ll hiding among the kelp such as cuttlefish and octopuses, eels and rays, nudibranchs (like sea slugs) and cat fish. There’s tonnes to see and learn about!

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These places are all great options for people looking to get into snorkelling or maybe looking to give it a shot somewhere else. Always remember there’s no shame in learning something new so if you haven’t been snorkelling before there are plenty of options for beginners both in terms of classes/tours and products (like the easybreath snorkel mask).

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