How To Review A Product On

So you did it, you took the plunge and picked up some new gear from Awesome now you’re ready to practice your sport! And after using it, you’ve got something you just have to share.¬†Whether you love it or want to improve it, our ears and eyes are always open to feedback.

If you want to leave a review for something you’ve picked up from us, ¬†it’s pretty simple.

First, go to our website and find the product in question. If you wanted to leave a review for the Easybreath mask, go to that page. Once there click “Post a review”.

And fill out the form that pops up! It should look like this:

Remember though, don’t just say that you love your gear. It’s meant to be helpful for people in the future. Please include things like:

  • Your experience and how you’ve used it
  • Which features you found useful or helpful
  • Suggestions of improvements

This way we can make sure the reviews include information that others might be interested in, like what exactly you used it for and for how long.

That said, please keep in mind we will avoid publishing reviews that include:

  • Coarse language
  • Spelling errors
  • Comments about other reviews
  • Comments on service (like delivery)
  • Spam

This is to ensure that the reviews are on topic and relevant to the product. Service reviews can be found under our general reviews page. This is to allow each review to stand on it’s own. A one star product shouldn’t be rated 3 stars because of delivery, and vice versa.

The next page asks for some personal information so that we can let you know when your review has gone online or ask for more information. This way you’re informed and if we fix something on your recommendation you can find out.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

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