How To Tie Your Hiking Boots

On your first hike or when you were testing your new boots, were they loose? Were they too tight? Was something just off? The last thing you want to worry about once you’re out in the bush is retying your bloody shoelaces. So we’ve got some tips and a video to get you on your way!

On your hike, first priority is safety then comfort. Both can come from knowing how to correctly tie up  your shoes. This way, your feet and ankles can be supported the whole time with fewer adjustments while hiking.

It is not simply enough to wear good shoes, you must also ensure they have been correctly adjusted and tied up. Here are our tips on ensuring they remain correctly tied throughout the entire trip:

1. Begin by lowering your heel into the base of the shoe.

Once your foot is inside your boot, give your heel a few taps on the ground to push your foot back in your shoe.

2. Adjust the tightness of the bottom part using the end eyelets.

Eyelet by eyelet, tighten the shoe ensuring that there’s still some flex. You don’t want to tighten it too much and cut off blood flow. It is important to feel comfortable in your shoes.

3. Tie up the bottom part

Make a simple knot at the instep to tie the first clip of the bottom part. Make sure there’s a balance between level of tightness and comfort. You can test this by moving the tibia gently forwards and backwards, rocking around.

4. Tighten the top part of the shoe

Cross over the laces according to the classic method into the bottom eyelets. It’s important that with the top eyelets, you thread the laces from top to bottom and not bottom to top! If you do it this way there is less chance of your laces coming undone.

5. Finally, tie your laces by tightening the knot

Begin making a classic knot but before pulling on the two loops, thread one of the loops inside the knot. This knot will also stop your laces from coming loose. However it’s still easy to undo at the end your adventure.

Before tackling your next hike we recommend re-tying your shoes and tightening them a little to ensure support is provided.

Obviously, all shoes and feet are different, so your mileage may vary. That said, these tips should be helpful with our range of hiking boots, split between men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes.

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