8 Reasons To Hike In The Rain

Has it been too long since your last hike because of awful weather? The rain isn’t all bad though, plants grow and it adds a new level to hiking. Whether you’re just getting started or or an expert, with the right gear, good planning and a positive mindset, hiking in the rain can be a real pleasure!

For your safety: before setting off on a hike, always check on the weather before leaving. Don’t just limit yourself to the weather on your favourite TV channel or generalist website. We recommend you look in more detail and check the temperature, flood risks, lightning, landslide or anything else specific to the terrain you’ll be crossing. 

1. Just you and the trail

Most people won’t want to brave the rain, so the natural serenity is exclusively for you.  A little quiet and tranquility and lots of patience may let you meet animals you don’t usually see.  Just make sure you’re still on the trail or on point with your map and compass as you may not come across another hiker if you get lost. Also, always tell someone where and for how long you’re going hiking.

2. The rain has negative ions which are good for you

While it sounds like magic, and negative isn’t the best title, negative ions can have a positive impact on you. The rain is great at spreading them around. They help refresh the air, and help to reduce asthma and fatigue. So the next time you go out to take a good breath of fresh air, wait until it rains to get all the benefits.

3. You’ll (re)discover the landscape with more powerful senses

Rain can make for quite the sensory experience. Some use the sound of rain to fall asleep, some people experience heightened senses in the rain. If you’re walking through the bush, the leaves look greener, the smell of the trees and scrub is stronger and you’ll be able to hear the quickly built streams and waterfalls. To enjoy it all while keeping your feet dry, don’t forget your waterproof clothes and boots!

4. You can finally use that waterproof jacket that was collecting dust

Admit it – you searched for the perfect jacket, waterproof, breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. And then you came across one of these, which finally meant you could go out in all weather. But your jacket hasn’t been out of your wardrobe for an eternity. It’s an opportunity to check it lives up to its reputation. Remember, our waterproof jackets undergo specific tests to beat real conditions. This is what is was build for.

5. You can find animals that only come out in the rain

The rain can also increase your chances of seeing some animals in the wild. From snails to salamanders to frogs, there’s always something interesting to discover. In these conditions, we recommend that you always have binoculars or your waterproof camera on hand.

6. You might catch a legendary rainbow photo

We’re all just big kids and a rainbow can always brighten anyone’s day. But during the downpour there’s no rainbow. There’s another reason to go out even when the weather doesn’t seem ideal, so you can catch the tail end and find that rainbow. It’s also a great motivation to get the youngest children off in search of the hidden treasure at the end!

7. Kids love puddles

Classic but effective, puddles always appeal to young children. But be careful to watch where they’re going, to make sure they don’t slip on muddy ground. Also make sure you kit them out  and dress them up well to prevent water from entering their shoes or boots. Avoid going out for too long with the very young so that they don’t get sick (or worse tired and grumpy).

8. A celebratory hot drink when you get home

A hot chocolate and a warm bath on your return is to a hike is one of the best prizes in sport. So after a hike in the rain, use this time to prepare for your next excursion. Why not dream of hiking in distant landscapes or just going and discovering the paths of your local area. In any case, you’ll always find a great new hike to do soon.


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