Finding The Right Multi-day Trail For You

Have any of you ever wanted to do a multi-day hike? A few days trekking? It sounds daunting, but we’re here yo help you build up your courage! This can help you find the right path and come back with some great photos and memories.

How long should it be?

Your hikes duration is a super important aspect as it defines just how independent you’ll need to be. Being away from your local shopping center for longer increases the difficulty as you’ll need to be able to carry everything you need.

If you’ve got little experience doing long hiking trips the best advice is to go for 2-3 days. With this time frame you can gauge both your physical resolve and your appetite for adventure. Based on what you learn here you can start building to trekking for longer and further next time!

Beware of the gradient!

To work just how difficult the walking part of a route is, the gradient or slope counts even more than the length. To better explain, here’s a rough recommendation:

  • To start with, plan 3 to 4 hours of walking per day with 300m travelling uphill per day.
  • With some experience and you want to push harder go for 4 to 6 hours of walking per day with 400 to 800m of travelling uphill per day
  • If a hike like this is just another weekend, 6 hours of walking per day and up to 1000m of travelling uphill per day.
  • Once you know what you’re doing and want a challenge, 6 hours of walking per day and more than 1000m of travelling uphill per day.

What level of independence?

Depending on how often your practice and your needs, you can go out for a hike completely alone or with some friends/family. Alone, you need to carry all your bedding, tent and cooking equipment, but you can be proud of your independence. With a team, you can share the load and bring more stuff that you might want or need.

When planning your route it’s important to work out how often you’ll stop, for breaks or for the night. Some treks will be easier than others to travel further daily, but stick to your plan. There’s nothing worse than finding a camp site and pushing on because you want to make that last kilometre.

And with that, you’ve got a core framework to plan out your next multi day hike!

You now have all the keys in your hand to create your route!

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