What Is A Decathlon Store?

We have good news: Decathlon is opening its first store in Australia! Just another step towards making sport accessible to more Aussies. ┬áHere you’ll find just what you can expect from a Decathlon Store.

First and foremost, we’re going to pack as many sports as we can under one roof. 70 sports in fact. Whether it’s golf, soccer, running, yoga, or rock climbing there should be something for you. All of these are going to be at the best price we can manage, great value for a great sporting experience.

But that’s the same as our website. The biggest difference is you’ll be able come visit. You’ll be able to ride your bike, and roll around between the tents and the scuba gear. If you find something you’re about to fall in love with you can see how it feels in your hands. While you’re there you can meet one of our teammates who are passionate about the sport and they can help you discover what’s right for you.

…or you can ride your skateboard if that’s your thing.

Once you’ve worked out that you want to try the soccer ball or boots, you can try them out at our store. We’ll have some space for you to give them a go (maybe not the golf balls, we don’t have a driving range).You’ll still be able to get everything from our website but if you want that personal touch and immersive experience, you can come visit us.

And if you’re a member you can get in on our great return/exchange policy. As long as your expectations aren’t that our shoes can make you a marathon runner overnight, you can make the most of our policy if something doesn’t live up to them.

We’ll also be setting up our workshop. If you’ve got a busted bike wheel or want to customise your jersey you’ll be able to bring it in. We’ll take care of it while you and the kids take a ride around the store to look for your next adventure. Or you can play outside, the last thing we want is another boring store the family doesn’t want to come to.

Now, all these words are well and good, but how about a quick tour? These two below are from Harlow and Croydon in England, and are 2000m2, while our new store in Tempe will be 3500.m2. If you don’t have the time to click through and explore thoroughly, why not check out our video tour from within our Modena store just below?

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