How To Dress For The Snow

So you want to go skiing (or snowboarding) and you’re not sure where to start? Here’s a small guide on what you’ll need to do to keep yourself warm in the snow.

The easiest choices to make are for your gloves and a beanie. Make sure you read up on the weather so you can get the right ones. All gloves are not made equal and some are better suited to colder temperatures than others. This goes for every piece of clothing you intend to wear. Don’t forget some warm socks too. Make sure they’re thick to both keep you warm and soften the inside of your boots.

It’s always easier to stay warm than to get warm and the best way to stay warm is with layers. The closest layer should be like a second skin, close fitting but without restricting movement. Something like a thermal would be a good choice.

The next layer should be some clothes that fit but are loose enough to trap some air. As you move around your body will heat this air and it will be the biggest protection from the cold outside. The cold can move between the outside and the clothes touching. Having a cushion of air will prevent that. These mid layers aren’t the final step though.

Finally, you’ll want a jacket that’s waterproof to keep everything out of your insulated bubble. The extra layer of air will be great for keeping the cold out too as it has to work through both layers. A good jacket can make the all difference on the slopes.

Of course, if we’ve missed something essential please let us know!

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