6 Reasons Why Working For Decathlon Will Help You Find Your Calling

If you’re going to spend most of your waking hours making a living, you don’t want it to feel like you’re slaving away. So instead of spending every morning thinking “god why…”, have a look at what Decathlon can offer. If this sounds more like a “hell yeah!” why not think about joining our team?

1. “Pick a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

We’re a sport company filled with sporty people. When you love your gym and helping people, we’re not going to stop you from going to your regular lunchtime workout. We’ll just ask that you come back and help people pick out the right weights for them! Whether you want to run, cycle or rock climb, we encourage you to spend time exercising and enjoying the sports that you love.

2. We work and play as a team

We work together, on the field and off. Want to introduce everyone to your soccer team? Looking for a tennis training partner? Need some help finding the right kind of backpack for a customer? All you need to do is ask. Teammates communicate and work together in the store and in the game!

It’s also our goal to still be active sports people. As often as we can, because there’s never a dull moment at Decathlon, we play sport together. It’s good practice to open up to each other and get in the habit of realising that yes, you can rely on your team.

3. We want you to take responsibility

When you join we’ll show you what we’d like to happen and from then on it’s your responsibility. You’re not locked into doing something that is poorly implemented or pushing something you don’t believe in, that goes against the first reason to join us. In this way we want you to grow into your role, to realise that nothing is impossible when you want it to happen. If you want something to change or to do something new we won’t hold you back. If you have something cool in your head like the easybreath mask or recycling old bikes you can improve your workplace as much as you like.

4. You’ll have your own coach

Behind every great player and every great team, there is a great coach. We prides ourselves on being approachable, friendly and informal in our relationships. You won’t have a boss (except yourself), you’ll have a coach. It’s each coach’s responsibility to be there for you when you need them, especially in your monthly individual meeting. They’ll help you understand your responsibilities and priorities, but never tell you how to do them. If there’s an issue with work or with another teammate (sure hope not!) you’ll know exactly who to talk to instead of finding the head of HR (we don’t have a head office or ivory towers).

We want people to grow and be the leaders of tomorrow. Your coach isn’t just there to help you find your responsibility, they’re there to ensure you have access to the right training, to be a shoulder to lean on and to celebrate your success with. Internal development and promotion is high on our list of priorities. You’ll add roles and responsibilities inline with your capability and success. Our teammates always come first. Blood runs thicker than water, and in Decathlon you’re family.

5. No task is too great or too small

We aren’t proud and we aren’t shy either; When something needs to get done we do it. If there’s a whole heap of balls that have rolled over the shop we’ll help put them back on display. If we’re brainstorming ideas on what we want to look like online you don’t need a computer science degree to chip in. We don’t want to work with grunts or with executives, we want teammates who can work together through every goal.

6. It’s your company

Decathlon is one of the few world wide companies that is family-owned and has a shareholding system with its employees. And no, you don’t have to work in the company for 10 years before you are entitled to buy into the company’s shares. From day 1, our employees are given the option of owning part of the company. We don’t want anyone being left behind and we don’t want your coach or company to be a faceless entity above you. We’re in this together!

We’re convinced. If you are too…


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