How To Get Started Running

Have you decided to start running? It’s a great way to stay warm and fit in winter and a fun way to keep moving. You’ll want a couple of things before you start though, and not just a pair of comfy shoes.


Running clothes should be breathable, it’s one of the top priorities. You can run in synthetic or cotton clothes. If you sweat lots, cotton clothes will stick to you and not let the breeze through but your sweat will cool you down. Polyester jerseys tend to wick sweat away keeping you dry and feeling the breeze. If you have a running jersey, that’s a good bet, otherwise any cotton shirt will do the trick.


Your shoes are the most important part of your running kit, physically anyway. You’ll want to get some cushioned shoes to reduce the impact of each step which can, if you’re overweight, unfit, or training hard, damage your joints. You’ll also want your shoes to be breathable. Your feet will sweat, and having breathable shoes means you’ll be more comfortable and avoid complications that may arise from soaking in stinking foot sweat.


Now that you’ve got the material requirements out of the way, you’ll need a couple things that are open to interpretation. Such as…

1. A Can Do Attitude

One of the most important parts of running, especially if you’re only just starting, is to stay positive. If you’re running to try and get fit or lose weight it’s only natural to be disappointed that you can’t sprint a whole kilometre straight away.

You’ve got to remember that change isn’t something that comes over night. You won’t be ready for a marathon in one day, or one week, or one month. Getting good at something, be it singing, cooking or running, is going to take time. Enjoy the ride! Have a laugh! You don’t need to take it so seriously.

2. A Running Partner

It never hurts to bring a friend or two along! Going out with a dog or a mate can make a world of difference if you’re feeling self conscious while out for a jog. Nearly everything is more enjoyable with your mates!


Taking someone else with you make it easier to stick to a schedule and keep at it, which brings us to…

3. A Plan

If you plan to take up running, why are you running? Are you running for fun? Perhaps you’re running for exercise. With this in mind, come up with how often you’ll be running.

If you’re just starting out for fitness, go for a jog twice a week with at least a days break. After a while, you can increase the frequency and intensity to what you’re comfortable with. If you’re going to run with a friend or a pet, try to pick a frequency and pace that suits both of you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your running essentials and get going!

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