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How to choose your first Mountain Bike!



If you too are a cycling fanatic, then take a look at these criteria to think about when buying your first mountain bike.

Type of use, size, frequency of rides, price… Which factors do you need to prioritize for getting into mountain biking comfortably on all types of terrain?

A few factors to take into account

Before buying your first all-terrain bike, ask yourself the following questions.


Will you be sticking to forest paths or less bumpy trails? Are you tempted to tackle some more rocky, mountainous routes and technical sections? Do you prefer downhill?

Your choice of bike will differ depending on where you live and the type of cycling you will be doing.

For novices, it’s generally best to choose a hybrid bike for different uses because it will let you experiment with different terrain and gradually discover what you like the most.


For bumpy or very hilly trails, opt for an aluminium frame since it will be lighter than its steel equivalent.

Likewise, double-walled rims are an essential on fragile ground. They will extend your bike’s lifespan and mean that you don’t have to check your wheels over after each ride.


This may seem obvious, but the more often you ride, the more important it is to have a high-performance, durable bike! For weekly rides, the RR 340 is probably versatile enough.

If you cycle more regularly, opt for the next step up and get the RR 520. Besides offering better performance, it is designed to last longer even under pressure.

If you still can’t make up your mind between these two models, this article might help you make a decision.


Nowadays recreational mountain bikes are very affordable.

Our advice is, initially, to spend a sensible amount on your first mountain bike. Keep back a bit of your budget for additional equipment and accessories.

Don’t forget to use our three-step bike buying tool to help you choose the right model.

The Rockrider 340


Available at an attractive price, the RR 340 has an aluminium frame to make it lighter. The sloping frame is perfect for men and women alike, and there is also a suspension fork for added comfort.

It comes with V-Brakes, a more powerful and effective type of brake than classic brakes, which boost safety.

All of these elements make it versatile and equally at home on roads as on forest paths and trails. Lastly, its frame, stem and handlebar have a lifetime guarantee.

Get the right size and adjust it correctly

As with clothing, bikes come in sizes S, M, L, XL and even XXL (depending on the model and manufacturer).

To help you choose, Decathlon has created a mountain bike buying tool that helps you find the right frame size.

To check the size, stand astride of the bike and place your feet flat on the floor. The top tube should be six to eight centimetres below your crotch.

When you sit on the saddle, you should be able to touch the floor with the tips of your toes on each side.

To adjust your position more accurately and at little cost, take a look at our advice. You can also visit your local Decathlon store for more personal adjustments.


Improve your experience

Now that you know how to set up your new mountain bike, you can head out with it for the first time. Listen to your senses so that you can modify your initial bike and equipment set-up if necessary.

You might want to adjust your saddle or buy a saddle cover to make yourself more comfortable when seated. Make sure you also have the right clothing for the weather conditions and/or the terrain to avoid any discomfort.

For mountain biking, much more so than for road cycling, a helmet, gloves and sunglasses are strongly recommended. They protect from falls, splashes or unexpected obstacles. Explore our full range!

By analysing your needs, your first mountain bike should make you really enjoy cycling! Feel free to share your experience and publish photos of your first rides on the facebook and Instagram page!!


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