How to do a frontside roller on your surfboard ?

The roller is the most impressive surfing manoeuvre. It can be performed on any type of wave. But the deeper the wave, the more impressive the roller!

To pull off a frontside roller, it is important to look at the place on the lip where you want to perform this movement.

There are three important elements: looking in the right direction, picking up speed and swinging the shoulders.



1. Manage your speed before the manoeuvre. You must pick up speed to launch yourself on the wave.

2. Watch the part of the wave where you want to perform your roller. Looking is just as important during and after the manoeuvre.

3. The swinging of the shoulders follows on from the looking. It contributes to the weight transfer that is necessary to perform the roller, i.e., pressing on the fins at the top of the wave, then lightening up at the end of the manoeuvre.

And off you go!

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