The benefits of surf sports for your body and mind

For women who love to be active, the sea and the seaside are real playgrounds, sports fields, and areas of freedom that allow you to recharge your batteries and find a balance… a true source of well-being… walking, beach volleyball, Frisbee, surfing… anything goes.

The area :
The sea and the seaside provide a natural environment in which the body can receive so much through an active lifestyle freeing up tension accumulated throughout the year.
Walking barefoot on the sand, for example, massages the entire arch of the foot and brings relaxation and well-being.
As for the ebb and flow of the waves, they have a massaging effect on the body when playing games in the waves, swimming or when practising surf sports.

Bodyboarding is a sport that is highly accessible: A suitable board, fins, a leash, a sun protection top, your best looking swimwear and you’re ready to go! This is a very safe sport to practise. The bodyboard helps you float very easily when surrounded by waves. The upper body rests on the board, you kick to get over small waves and you let yourself be carried back down…
The lower limbs are called upon, in particular legs and glutes. Consequently, it tones the leg and buttock muscles, as well as the abdominal muscles and the back and shoulders.
You can exercise just by enjoying splashing around in the water and waves…
Alone, with friends or with family, it is the perfect summer sport for looking after your body and mind safely!

Watch all the bodyboarding advice from our video coach

Surfing is a more demanding sport that also helps you get back in great shape quickly… what’s more, it is more accessible now than it used to be with the new Tribord white water surfing range.
A suitable board, fins, a leash, a sun protection top, your best looking swimwear and you’re ready to go!
You paddle to get over the waves and you’re all set to surf… paddling is a great work out for your arms, upper body and chest, and so is the action of pushing yourself up onto your feet.
Keeping your balance on the board exercises the back and abdominal muscles as you tense these muscle groups.
The standing position as well as your constant movements to maintain balance tone the leg muscles.
You have fun, you get great exercise, you tone your muscles… plenty of enjoyment and a sense of freedom!

Watch all the surfing advice from our video coach

Aerial sports:
Aerial sports like kite flying and flying discs (Frisbee) are sports that can be enjoyed together with other people and that also exercise the entire body.
The lower body muscles (feet, legs and buttocks) are toned by moving about on the beach. Walking and running on soft ground strengthens the muscles.
The upper body is exercised when you throw flying discs or pull on the lines of the kite you are flying.

This summer, looking great and feeling confident in your new Tribord swimwear, make the most of the pleasures of surf sports and get back in shape: So, don’t hesitate, come and get kitted out and recharge your batteries in the water and waves!

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